Did You Know?  
•   The proposed right-of-way for the widened road  120’ (wide enough for 6 +lanes) when the rest of  the Popp’s Ferry right-of-way from Margaret Sherry to Cedar Lake is about 75’?   See Popps Ferry Road Pictures - click here

•  Under the proposed Limited Access super road, many of the non-signaled intersections  that go into Popps Ferry would be limited to Right Turns ONLY!  Left hand turn intersections will be reduced from 14 to significantly fewer number. 

* The City Plans  to make Big Lake Road, Old Bay and Atkinson Rd. collector roads for the Popps Ferry Super Hwy.  See Comprehensive Plan:

In 2004, 11 agencies supported a smaller footprint road and bridge bridge. What  has significantly changed?   New Bridge Proposal 2004

*If Popps Ferry is widened to 5 lanes, the road capicity will exceed the 2030 traffic projections (Source - Biloxi Comprehensive Plan 2009). 

* GRPC is conducting a west Harrison Connector alternate truck route study- Guess where that might be? See GRPC Unfied Plan 2009 . 

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