What We were Not Told   **
•   The proposed right-of-way for the new road is 120’ (Wide enough for 6 +lanes            EXCEPT from Winn Dixie to Pass Rd. where it will be 100-110'
  See reference in  "SOUTHERN SECTION" click here

      ** The Popp’s Ferry right-of-way from Margaret Sherry to Cedar Lake is only 75’                       See Popps Ferry Road Pictures - click here

•   The Bridge options were 85’ or 65’ with a draw bridge.
       **  Do we need a bridge 85’ or 65’ when a 45’ or 50’ bridge would eliminate most
openings?   The “M/V Derrell McKinnney” has a vertical clearance of
approx.39.1’  and is said to be the source of about 90% of the bridge openings. 

**   Fewer citizens would be FORCED to relocate with a non-limited access road with
a smaller footprint, similar to what now exists between Margaret Sherry and
Cedar Lake.
   **   What impact has  the opening of the Biloxi/OceanSprings bridge had  on  the                        traffic volume on  Popp’s  Ferry  Bridge? 

       **   Who benefits from Limited Access? Do we need a Popps Ferry Super Highway?

                     Let Your Voice be heard............

    Request a "Just Say No  To Limited Access "  sign for your  yard -
                                                                                             click here.
How this can affect you! 
       **  A limited access road will  require EVERY house with a driveway on  Popp's Ferry               to  RELOCATE.

       **  A Limited Access road may limit access to local residents?  Sunkist,   Bonne                          Terre, etc. 

**  With a Limited Access road,  the speed limit would likely be much higher and
              create much higher noise levels.

        ** Will the traffic in your neighborhood be significantly increased?  Will your children
be safer?

       **  Will  your property values be adversley affected?