Popps Ferry Rd – Super Highway? 

​The City of Biloxi is planning to build a new Popps Ferry Bridge and widen Popps Ferry Rd. as a limited access  alternate truck route road from the Margaret Sherry Library to Pass Rd.  

Popps Ferry would become an arterial road reducing entrance from the adjacent neighborhoods. This will cause significant traffic thru your quiet residential neighborhood. Atkins Rd, Big Lake Rd. and Old Bay will become collector roads with increased traffic. 

What is Limited Access? ​

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Did you Know?​

Our neighborhoods are at risk.  

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Arterial Roads………… are typically designed with some measure of access control through limits on driveway locations and spacing of intersections. Arterial roads carry both passenger car and commercial (truck) traffic
Collector Roads, ……..roads often appear similar to local streets, although collector roads typically carry substantially higher volumes. Commercial traffic is typically limited to local delivery uses.